One Dreamy Day in Frigiliana: Spain’s Prettiest White Village

One Dreamy Day in Frigiliana - Spain's Prettiest White Village

In Andalucia, Spain, charming white villages dot the landscape, seemingly spilling down the mountanside.  Known as “pueblos blancos”, these white villages create a beautiful scene with their bright white buildings contrasted with the mountain landscape.  The villages are whitewashed, a tradition from back in the day to keep the buildings cool.  Today, they stay white although doors and trim can be colorful.  Bright bougainvillea spills out of planters while beautiful ceramics decorate the exterior of the homes.  We enjoyed one dreamy day in Frigiliana and savored its charm and beauty.

Beautiful Frigiliana

We visited the lovely white village of Frigiliana, just a short distance from where we were staying in Nerja.  We fell in love with the simplistic beauty down every alleyway, the wonderful revelry at a local restaurant, and the astounding views from high above the village.


We were based in Nerja, Spain and it was just a 15 minute drive to Frigiliana.

We parked in the parking garage near the beginning of the town, as we arrived from Nerja.  The parking garage is Frigiliana Public Parking Garage – Aparcamiento Publico.  On the way out, pay at the pay box and then present that ticket at the gate.

There is also the option to take a bus from Nerja.  The ride takes approximately 15 minutes and currently costs 1.20 Euros.  The bus stop is located at Avenida de Pescia near Plaza Cantarero.

One Dreamy Day in Frigiliana

After we parked our car, we slowly meandered the town, taking in the beautiful white village with narrow alleyways.  It felt like a maze we didn’t mind getting lost in as every turn was just incredible:  Cats slowly roam about, villagers nonchalantly go about their business, and shops and art galleries beckon visitors to check out their beautiful wares.  Bright flowers spill out of the colorful ceramic planters attached to the walls.  Colored doors in a multitude of hues contrast beautifully against the stark white buildings.  Life seems enchanting in Frigiliana!

As we climbed and zig zigged our way trough the village, we found our way to La Taberna Del Sancristan, a restaurant perched high in the village.

We had a lovely lunch, seated at a table looking out through open stained glass windows. 

A beautiful view during our lovely lunch

Delicious Spanish food was brought out at a perfect pace as it does here:  slow and steady, so you savor your bite while enjoying the company of friends.  Our lively and friendly waiter, Miguel, had a convivial spirit which made this meal unforgettable.  As we ended our meal, he offered us a Frangelico, clearly proud of this homemade spirit.  We left with full bellies and happy hearts to have experienced the charm of this wonderful dining experience.

A quick stop into the church, St. Anthony of Padua, where we lit a few candles for loved ones who have passed.

St. Anthony of Padua church

We continued on, slowly climbing the cobblestoned hills and stopping to gaze into art galleries.  Happy children skipped about and we continued to ooh and ahh over the beauty of this alluring village. 

Upon reaching Panoramica Frigiliana, the views took our breath away!  From white villages below, to the blue Mediterranean Sea in the distance, to the rolling hills, it was a stunning scene. 

Views from Panoramica Frigiliana

After taking in the view, we walked a short distance to Restaurante El Mirador-Frigiliana.  We enjoyed a drink under an umbrella with amazing views spilling out before us.  What a lovely day!

My amazing peach bellini

We made our way down, taking in as much as we could of this incredible village before we left it behind.  As a tourist I felt welcomed yet it still retained its traditional village feel. 

What a special place this is!  One day in Frigiliana is dreamy and has me often thinking back to this place. 

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