Our Year of Travels: 2022

Our Year of Travels: 2022

And just like that, 2022 is coming to a close!  This year was a great year for travels, definitely making up for the previous two years.  Being the end of the year, I enjoy looking back on what the year brought in terms of travel for our family.  The same goes for excitement of looking ahead to the new year and the new adventures that it will bring.  What better way to end 2022 than to reflect on our travels and look ahead to 2023?!  

This year was a big one for our family.  Skylar turned 21, Braden 18, and Ava 16.  We had a few trips planned around these milestones and I am so thankful for every trip we got to take together and make lifelong memories.


Skylar turned 21 and rather than taking her to a party city, like New York City or Las Vegas, we went somewhere more up her alley – Washington, D.C.!  She hadn’t been to DC yet and had a huge interest in Abraham Lincoln when she was young so it seemed the perfect place to spend a long February weekend, which also happened to coincide with Abraham Lincoln’s birthday.

We were so lucky with the weather while there.  I had packed us gloves and hats and purchased really comfortable winter footwear for all the slush and snow we would be sure to walk through while exploring the city…and it felt just like spring!  It was in the 60s with beautiful blue skies for our entire visit.  All of our winter gear stayed in our suitcases!

The things we did during this visit to DC were perfect for older kids and teens.  Touring the Capitol was awe-inspiring, seeing our country’s most important documents up close at the National Archives was intriguing, and cruising past the monuments at night was epic.  We also cherished our time at Ford’s Theatre, paying our respects to our 18th President, which happened to be on his birthday.

Washington, D.C. | Februrary

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One of my favorite times of year to travel is Spring Break!  After a long, cold winter we look forward to the extended break from school and activities while we get to explore somewhere new together.  This year, we traveled with another family and had a blast!  This was Braden and his friend’s last spring break as high school seniors and they would be going off to college in the fall.  We headed south to Costa Rica!

Costa Rica is another fabulous destination for teens.  There is so much adventuring to do in the country so we kept very busy.  We started off in the rainforest near Arenal Volcano, trekked through the jungle on hanging bridges, swam in a waterfall, and hiked in Arenal National Park.  We also ziplined, rode ATVs, visited a coffee farm, and finally ended the trip with some R&R at the beach.

Costa Rica | April

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We were finally off to the land of fire and ice!  We had a trip to Iceland booked in 2021 but Mike’s passport was off for renewal and it took 18 weeks to get back.  Unfortunately, that meant it wasn’t back in time for our trip.  This year, we were especially looking forward to what we should have done the year prior and with all passports in hand!

We explored Reykjavik, soaked in the Blue Lagoon, watched a geyser erupt, visited a black sand beach, climbed basalt columns, chased many epic waterfalls, and drove throughout the countryside seeing wild Icelandic horses all along the way.  The best word to describe Iceland:  Epic.

Iceland | June

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We continued our annual family tradition of lake time in Michigan, our favorite time of the year.  We enjoy boating, fishing, hiking, swimming, sunset cruises, paddle boarding, kayaking, beach side bonfires, a first annual family 5K, and a mean cornhole tourney on the 4th of July.

Michigan | July


At the end of the month Ava and I were off again, this time to New York City.  Ava’s dance troupe takes an annual trip there every year, immersing them in dance training and Broadway shows.  My sister, my nephews, and I also flew with the troupe, but did our own tour of NYC as well as spent a few days in Vermont.  I loved showing the boys the city and our time in nature in Vermont was spectacular!

New York City | July

Vermont | July

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Every October, the kids get a week long fall break off from school.  This year, we headed to central California.  We spent a few days in San Francisco, several wonderful days in Napa Valley, touring wineries and going on a hot air balloon ride, and ended the trip in the stunningly beautiful coastal area of Monterey, Carmel-by-the-Sea, and Big Sur.  

California | October

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The last month of year brings one final trip for our family:  a Caribbean cruise.  After Christmas we, along with my sister’s family, will be cruising the Caribbean for some sun, sea, and Vitamin D.  Back in 2020, spring break was supposed to be spent cruising through the Caribbean, including Costa Rica and a trip through the Panama Canal.  As we know, that cruise didn’t happen when the world shut down in March 2020.  We have been holding on to this soon-to-expire cruise credit and finally decided to go for it.  Our New Years Cruise will take us to the Bahamas and Dominican Republic!  We also plan to visit Everglades National Park in Florida before the cruise.


What will 2023 bring?  Well, so far we have spring break planned in Spain.  It will be a new country for us and we can’t wait for some springtime European sun!

In June, we will be heading to Hawaii.  We haven’t been to Hawaii since 2016 so are really looking forward to it.  We will visit a new island and will have my nephew along, which will be so fun!

We will be planning a few more trips throughout the year.  Those are still in the works so stay tuned as we share our travels throughout the year on social media as well as this website.

Here’s hoping 2023 is a healthy, happy, and adventurous year for you.  Happy New Year!

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